This Is How We Work

So, if you’re making multiple inquiries to landscapers and gathering bids for your project, or if you are searching for someone to install your finished landscaping plans, then Cal Native is most likely not for you.

Why, you ask??

Because what is now nearing 40 years of landscaping here on the Peninsula, and with hundreds of signs on our gardens, I am now fortunate enough to say that these days the only projects we do are for folks that have seen our gardens and are already acquainted with our style. Basically, the first time that we meet I will be able to provide you with a price.

But I’m new in town, how will I know what the finished product will look like?

Please allow me to illustrate:

Imagine you’re planning a HUGE important party or event and can hire any musician or band, alive or deceased, to play. Who would you choose? Maybe it's the Beatles or Streisand? U2 or the Eagles? I've heard them all. My point being: would you request examples of their work before hiring them? Likely not. Your decision to hire them would be based on an established familiarity with, and appreciation of, their body of work.

Most clients inform us that, when the time came for them to decide upon a landscaping company, Cal Native was the only business they gave consideration to because they have admired our gardens over the years. (We consider this an enormous compliment). Every garden we have ever installed has been created on the premises and without the need of plans (it’s a strange gift I seem to have).

We have never failed to exceed our client’s expectations.