Flagstone Walkways and Patios by Cal-Native Landscaping

Why are people willing to accept poorly installed flagstone?

It has always baffled us how many people are willing to accept poorly installed flagstone.  We soon realized that most people have never seen flagstone that has been properly installed!

If you look at the average flagstone patio or walkway, you will notice many small pieces joined with huge, unsightly mortar joints and rough, sharp angles. Most flagstone jobs look as if the pieces were just taken off the truck and laid down, with absolutely no thought to appearance, organization, or fit.

At Cal-Native, we take beautiful pieces of natural flagstone, hand cut and shape them, then artistically fit them together. We finish with colored grout that complements the stone. The results speak for themselves; our flagstone patios, walkways, and entry ways are beautiful, with even seams and gentle curves.

Look at our flagstone work and judge for yourself; if you can find someone who can do better flagstone work, hire them!